About NF NZ

The aim of NF NZ is to ensure that information is avaible to help people with neurofibromatosis. We also exist to support families in the challenges ahead.


At present, we are quite in informal group.  We have irregular group meetings in Auckland and keep in touch with regular phone calls to see how our families are doing. We have also arranged barbecues at the beach and the use of kayaks through the Fathers' Support Group.

Our members have also helped in exams for training doctors (for symptom assessment) and we have submitted information to many health groups to contribute to the improvement of the disability support field in New Zealand.

Would are very interested in having group meetings around the country and move towards establish a formal group. This would allow us to apply for funds and increase public awareness, giving a greater ability to support our families.

Please contact Tony Gill if you can help by being part of our team.

Contact Us

Tony Gill
23 Waimahanga Road, Onerahi, Whangarei 0101

Phone: 09 436 5211 / 0274 739 543